So you know that you want to get engaged, but jewelry is not your thing. The pressure that comes with buying her the right ring gives most guys extra stress that they don’t need. The thought of her not liking the ring, which you just spent a small fortune on, drives most guys to the brink of insanity. Here are a few tips that can help to ensure you get her the ring of her dreams, or close enough at least.

1) Pay attention to her style!

What kind of jewelry does she wear everyday? Most girls tend to have a look or a style that resembles their personal identity. Does she wear more accessories that are big, bold and flashy, or is her look more simplified and dainty? Does she wear more jewelry that is white, pink or yellow? Start paying attention to the jewelry she is currently wearing, from everyday simple earrings and necklaces to what she wears out with her friends on the weekends. I know that it sounds simple, but by actually paying attention to her you should be able to pick up some ideas which will help steer the search in the right direction.

2) Ask someone close to her.

If you’re totally clueless on what she would love, a great idea is to simply ask someone close to her if they can help point you in the right direction. Obviously this needs to be someone that you can trust who will not spill the beans to her and ruin the surprise, but if it’s one of her close friends or sisters that you know can keep your secret then they can be one of your best sources to find out what she is going to love. They can help by sending you pictures or ideas that they find online, from Pinterest, Google Images etc. which will give your jeweler to direction they need to start showing options that are right for you.

3) Propose with the diamond, and then design the ring together.

One of the most popular trends people are doing today is proposing with a diamond solitaire ring, and then coming back together to design her ring. Let’s face it, half of the fun in getting engaged is the surprise of how you ask her the big question. With this option, the guy buys the center diamond first and we set it in a classic solitaire for him to go propose. After the proposal, the couple comes back together and she gets to design the perfect ring for her, which could be completely different than what he would have picked in the first place. This option is great because he still gets to do the surprise, and she gets to create the dream ring she has always wanted.

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