Old European cut diamonds are spectacular antique cut stones. These vintage shapes carry a story with their warm depth and individual personalities. Cut completely by hand, they date back to 1890, and were the most popular diamond cut for engagement rings until the late 1930s.

Known as the precursor to the modern round brilliant diamond Old European cut diamonds are quite different. They still have 58 facets like the round brilliant, but Old Europeans typically have smaller tables, chunkier facets, a larger open culet, and are on the deeper side. These traits give the diamond more FIRE and less glitter. Old Europeans have a checkerboard look to them while modern round brilliants appear more splintered.


We have been helping clients source amazing Old European cut diamonds for engagement rings for long time now. This can be accomplished in a couple of ways. You can look for original vintage engagement rings with Old European cut center stones, or you can use an Old European and build it into a modern or vintage-inspired ring. Either direction you choose to go with you can guarantee that you will end up with an engagement ring that is really special and truly one of a kind. 

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