Yes, Pear Shaped Diamonds, also known as "Tear Drops" are one of our biggest requests this May in Santa Monica. Pear Shapes were first introduced in the 1400' by Lodewyk van Berquem, a diamond cutter responsible for major improvements of the symmetry and placement of facets in many popular diamond cuts. The cut is a combination of an Oval Shaped Diamond and a Marquise Cut Diamond. 
Shape Engagement Rings
Pear Shaped Diamonds are great for Engagement Rings. They are classic, and have an elongated profile adding a touch of elegance to any design. Because of their unique proportions, most Pear Shapes will appear much larger in size than many other diamond shapes. A large portion of the carat weight is on the top half of the diamond making it appear slightly bigger than it's carat weight.
Pear Shape Engagement Rings
When designing a ring, it's very important to consider your hands and your fingers. Pear Shapes are great for women with longer fingers. Pear Shapes are a fancy shape which means that GIA does not offer a cut grade for these types of diamonds. Pear Shapes can be found in an infinite amount of length-to-width ratios, the most popular being between 1.50–1.75:1. Some are longer and more narrow, some are shorter with larger shoulders, choosing the right Pear Shape ratio depends on your specific wants for the design.
Pear Shape Engagement Rings
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