Because your new piece of jewelry is so precious, it deserves your full care and regular attention. Some of these steps will help preserve and protect your jewelry for years to come.


We know that you want to wear your jewelry all the time, but it’s important that you’re careful to avoid impact against hard surfaces while playing sports or performing manual tasks. Try to avoid contact with hard surfaces and stay away from chemicals such as chlorine and household bleach. Limit exposure to high temperatures, perfumes and cosmetics which can damage fine jewelry. Avoid applying strong pressure to jewelry when worn, such as gripping weights or bicycle handlebars, which could cause the metal to bend or break.


Daily wear, lotions and dirt can dull the surface of your jewelry and cloud the brilliance of a diamond. We recommend that you have you piece of fine jewelry professional cleaned at least once a year, depending on how often and in what capacity you wear your jewelry. Between professional cleanings, carefully rinse with lukewarm water, lightly clean with a toothbrush then dry with a soft cloth. Ultrasonic cleaning at home is great for diamond jewelry, but can possibly be harmful to gemstone jewelry depending on the treatment and origins of the gemstones used.


We strongly recommend that you insure all of your jewelry with a comprehensive insurance policy that protects against theft, loss, and potential damage that can occur through everyday wear. All JK & Co. Bridal Rings come with a complimentary insurance appraisal with a retail replacement value. Our appraisals can be added to most homeowner insurance policies or can be insured through a specialized jewelry policy with companies like Gemshield or Jewelers Mutual.