Think about it - almost every item you purchase is mass produced; Your food, your clothing, your phone, your car, your furniture, and pretty much everything in between has been made for the masses. Buying an engagement ring is a once in a lifetime purchase; it’s an opportunity to create something that is custom for you. Something that only you own, with love and meaning behind it. As I’ve talked about before - what makes your engagement ring so special is the story behind it. 

The more thought you put into your ring, the more sentimental it becomes. Imagine if you were to buy an engagement ring online; a ring that has been manufactured overseas and is identical to tens of thousands of other engagement rings purchased from the same place. How would your partner feel knowing that the ring he or she is wearing is also being worn on countless other individuals? At what point does that ring become one-of-a-kind? When friends and family ask you about the ring - what will be your story? 

The engagement ring should be one-of-a-kind. Being able to describe the details about your engagement ring and the reasoning behind your choices are what makes the story. Some of the preliminary questions I ask my clients are to describe their partner in detail: What is their style like? What types of activities are they in to? What is their workplace like? Their overall identity is extremely important when choosing the best ring design for your loved one.

But how will you know which ring design will suit your partner the best? The answer is to get help from an expert. Finding the right jewelry designer is just as important as picking out the right engagement ring. The right jeweler should be able to ask you these questions and properly guide you to the best ring designs based on your answers. 

Building a custom engagement ring isn’t as expensive you'd think and does not mean that you will spend more than if you were to buy a pre-made ring; in many situations you will actually spend less if you were to design a ring on your own. Most jewelry experts have access to insider pricing and should be able to help you find the right diamond or gemstone to maximize your budget.

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