Image Courtesy of GIA

A common misunderstanding that we hear from our clients is that they assume a diamond which is lower on the diamond color scale will have less sparkle or brilliance than a diamond which is higher on the color scale. However, this perception of color relating to the fire of a diamond is not always true.

The brilliance of a diamond is most closely related to it's cut grade. The cut grade of a round brilliant diamond starts at poor and goes up to excellent. An excellent cut is the highest cut grade given by GIA. As you move up the cut grade scale the diamond will begin to have more life, more brilliance, and more fire. A round diamond with an excellent cut grade has the most even pattern of bright and dark areas, and scores in the top category for all grade-setting determinants such as weight ratio, durability, polish, and symmetry.

You have to keep in mind that out of the "4 Cs" the cut grade is typically the hardest for consumers to grasp. The cut grade is something that is best understood when seen in person, and when comparing diamonds side by side. Our clients will often try and teach themselves online but they won't completely grasp the importance until seeing a real diamond close up. You must remember that a diamond is very similar to mirror. As light comes into a diamond, each facet (individual cuts on a diamond) will display it's own individual reflection of the world around it. 

When viewing a diamond for the first time face-up, it's important that you start your inspection from an arm's length and slowly bring the diamond closer to your eye. As the diamond gets closer, you will begin to see more of it's shadows or dark patterns. This happens because the diamond is reflecting the environment around it, as well as your own reflection. Shadows on a diamond can also be seen in photographs or videos because the diamond is reflecting the camera. So when you're taking a picture of a diamond for the first time don't be worried if it seems to be a little dark in certain areas. 

At the end of the day there are many factors that play a role in a diamond's overall brilliance. If a sparkly diamond is important to you, then remember to choose a diamond with a very good or an excellent cut grade. 

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