Old Mine brilliant diamonds, better known as "Old Mines," are the previous generation of the modern cushion cut diamonds. These diamonds are a crowd favorite here at JK & Co., because each Old Mine is so poetically different. You will never find two antique Old Mines that look the same. This is because they were 100% cut by hand, in-turn ensuring that each diamond had its own bespoke silhouette. These diamonds date back to the early 1700s, during the Victorian and Georgian era, and are believed to sourced from African mines. 


Old Mines have rounded corners, a high crown, with a small table, and a large open culet on the bottom of the diamond. This cutting technique is pretty much the reverse combination of how diamonds are cut today. But that's what makes them so special! Most of the available Old Mine inventory today consists of off-color, included goods. But if you look hard enough you can find some amazing high-color, pure crystal stones.  

Another great thing to mention is that because of their high crown, Old Mines look amazing in solitaires. Because they sit so tall, you will get the opportunity to view the diamond from all angles including the profile view. Modern diamonds tend to have larger tables and a shallow crown, because of this they don't look as nice when viewed from the side. 

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