Push Present Gift Ideas

What Is A Push Present?
Nowadays it's very common to gift a loved one shortly after they have given birth. This gift carries a lot of significance because it creates a family heirloom with a specific meaning behind it. Once given that piece of jewelry will always represent an important experience in time. But what should you choose as a good push present?

Birthstone Right Hand Rings
One of the best ways to incorporate the birth of a newborn in your Push Present would be to design a ring around the baby's birthstone. Most birthstones are very affordable and when set in a traditional diamond setting are very attractive. It's best to plan this gift within a few weeks of the expected due date. 

Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Birthstone Pendants
You can never go wrong with a gemstone pendant. A simple bezel set birthstone, dangling on a delicate gold chain, is bound to get a lot of attention. A pendant like this can be worn everyday for any occasion.


Stackable Diamond Eternity Band
You can never have enough diamond bands. Stacking is a fun way to show your off your personality through your hands. A great way to turn an eternity band into a Push Present is to replace a single diamond with the child's birthstone.

DSC_0115 Ruby.jpg

Diamond & Gemstone Cocktail Earrings
An important pair of earrings is always a great gift, especially when you add a child's birthstone into the mix. Choosing to buy a pair of cocktail earrings kills two birds with one stone. You checked off the box for fun dangle earrings, and at the same time you are able to gift an amazing push present symbolizing a special newborn.

Matthew Kaufmann