5 Engagement Ring Trends for Summer 2018


Solitaire Engagement Rings
Solitaire diamond rings have been around forever and have never really gone out of style. However, we have been noticing a strong trend in the majority of couples coming in and asking to look at these style. Solitaires are a great choice because they put the emphasis of the design on the center stone. Another benefit to this design is that you won't have to allocate a lot of your budget to the setting. Since a solitaire doesn't have any accent diamonds you can use the majority of your budget on the center stone.

Two-Tone Settings
Two-Tone ring designs are a great choice if you like something classic, but you also like a would like a touch of color. By keeping the prongs and basket of the ring in white gold or platinum you are safeguarding the colorless hue of your diamond. We are seeing more couples designing this ring with a platinum head and a rose gold band.

Bezel Settings
For the bold, this ring design is not only modern but it is one of the safest ways to set a diamond. Coverings the edge of the entire diamond you can ensure that the girdle will be less likely chip, and it gives the ring a distinct outline of the shape of the center stone.

Basket Halos
This design is a great transition from the "Halo Era" to today. By placing a row of accent diamonds on the pavilion side of the diamond it keeps the overall aesthetic of a classic solitaire when viewed face-up, but when you turn the ring on it's side you get to enjoy a surprise burst of brilliance.

Engagement Eternity Bands
In 2018 there are no more rules for engagement ring designs. We like what we like. A lot of people have active lifestyles or they work in fields that won't permit a tall center diamond. If this sounds like you an important eternity band could be a good choice. Most often our clients will design an eternity band with a little more weight when going with this option.

Matthew Kaufmann